A Bright Idea - McDonald’s Poster Campaign

McDonald’s has utilised simplicity for their latest campaign advertising their late summer opening hours, and – as we wrap up our third McDonald’s celebration over the past month – we’re loving it.

20 Sep 2017

We're Lovin' It

As McDonald’s is synonymous with celebration here at Icon, we found the new poster campaign for McDonald’s France very fitting, with its sparkling, festive look. Designed by TBWA\Paris, the campaign uses simplicity to celebrate the brand’s key products and advertise the late night opening hours. 

Though simple in appearance, the campaign took ten days of building and two days of shooting, with 1100 LEDs used, to capture the shimmering, abstracted look. It works as a testament to McDonald’s success as well, that they can use such a simple concept with abstracted visuals and still be instantly recognisable. When working with campaigns, we know that the communication of the message is the most important part, and this campaign communicates clearly that McDonald’s France is open late in the most simple, direct way.

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