A Website Fit for a Florist

March 2018

It’s hard to believe that twelve years have passed since Emma approached us to create a brand identity for her new business venture. She had acquired a beautiful listed shop in the market town of Monmouth, a perfect home for the creative and very talented Emma Webster Flowers. Emma was quick to establish a reputation for her exquisite creations and personal touch, all qualities that are reflected in her logo identity that we crafted back in 2006.

Emma Webster Flowers has evolved to specialise and meet their customers’ unique requirements. Focusing on weddings, events and décor we worked closely with Emma Webster Flowers to create a new website to showcase the quality and diversity of their portfolio. To showcase their most recent projects and inspiration, we also designed the new website to give the client full control of changing imagery and text, allowing them to tap into seasonal trends.

“We’re thrilled with the website and very happy that we can chop and change images and text as we feel fit. I’m so pleased that after all these years we still have a great working relationship. It always a pleasure dealing with you all and long may it continue.”
– Emma Webster

Take a look at Emma Webster Flowers’ website here. Interested in something similar or wanting to see more? Get in touch or view our portfolio.