Celebrating Pride with Parking Spaces

We’ve been inspired by Grey London and Volvo’s simple but bold approach to Pride, depicting same sex couples and single parent families in new parking symbols at Westfield Shopping Centre.

8 Aug 2018

Redesigning the family parking icons

Here at Icon, we’ve built up a wealth of experience working with clients in the retail sector to provide digital marketing, media campaigns and large scale graphics to name a few. This meant we were particularly inspired upon discovering Grey London and Volvo’s innovative yet simple approach to Pride; redesigning the family parking icons at Westfield London shopping centre to be more inclusive of modern families.

The reimagined family parking spaces use a range of icons – based on Volvo’s marketing concept of the new modern family – depicting same sex, single parent and extended families. When working with campaigns regardless of the message, we know that communication and clarity is key, something which this celebratory campaign has captured through the simplicity and boldness of the campaign, ensuring a strong execution.  

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