Fanta’s Halloween Treat

Fanta’s new limited edition Halloween packaging is a treat to the eye, taking a minimalist, playful approach to staple Halloween characters for a unique twist on the different flavours.

31 Oct 2017

A Treat to the Eye

Fanta’s new limited edition packaging has been unleashed as part of their Halloween campaign, which uses illustration to capture the playful side of Fanta on cans and bottles. The designs – created by renowned Israeli artists Noma Bar – take a refreshing spin on classic Halloween characters through his minimalist style with the flavour of the drink cleverly portrayed in the negative space of the illustration. With Fanta’s main audience being young adults, the limited edition packaging also features codes to unlock exclusive snapchat filters taking the campaign onto digital platforms and making it even more engaging for the demographic.


With Halloween now the fourth biggest retail event in the UK, these unique visuals will help Fanta draw attention and position them as the playful brand that they want to be seen as. At Icon, we work on a lot of illustrative projects and campaigns, so we’ll definitely be taking inspiration from these distinctive designs. Interested in something similar or wanting to see more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.

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