Festive Productions’ Tinsel Creations

We take a look at how tinsel is made in the factory where it’s Christmas everyday

18 Dec 2017

How Tinsel is Made

Every year on the 1st December the Icon elves get to work decorating our chapel. This year, after placing our desktop lights and decorating our trees, we got to thinking, how is tinsel made?

Festive Productions create over 14 million metres of tinsel every year making them the UK’s biggest manufacturer, and as they’re local to us being based in Cwmbran, we’ve been looking at how tinsel is made in their factory where it’s Christmas every day.

Tinsel started out in Germany, being made initially of silver cut into strands to reflect candle light. Since then, it’s been made of cheaper metals like copper, tin and lead before being made of the PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride film we’re used to seeing today. Modern production is mostly done through a machine in three main steps: Firstly, the foil is cut, then wire is added for strength before two pieces are spun together to bind them through centrifugal force. This same process is used for all their tinsel styles, with Festive Productions even having recently partnered with Disney for a magical Christmas collection. 

We enjoyed learning about the attention to detail and essential process that goes into creating tinsel, with it being similar to how we work here at Icon. Interested in something similar or wanting to see more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.

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