How to be Social Media Savvy

April 2020

Social media may the element of digital marketing that you're the most familiar with but it can also be the most tricky.

Check out our tips here to kick start your social media strategy:

  1. Location, location - the most popular social media platforms include include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; but there are hundreds of others that your customers may be using. Make sure you know where they’re communicating and hone your content in the right places.


  1. Be adaptable - not all social media platforms are created equal. Just as you wouldn’t use the same text and imagery on a flyer as you would on an outdoor ad, social media doesn’t respond to one size fits all communications. You need to max your message to the medium.


  1. Use video - videos are the champions of shared content online. In terms of profile, these have the potential to resonate loud and clear. They’re easy to pull together on a video content app such as Storyslicer or Apple Clips.


  1. Timing is key - use an online social media organiser that optimises engagement times. After all, no one wants to post quality content when their customers are all snoozing…