How to Keep Having Fun

April 2020

In February, the team were sharing stories of what we were planning to do over the Easter holidays. A family visit to Greece, camping in West Wales, a friends wedding all came up.

That seems a long time ago. Since then there have been quite a few ups and downs and things haven't quite panned out as expected. It's the same for everyone, we know. 

Having fun may not be top on your list of priorities but actually having a giggle and really enjoying something is a sure fire way to help get through your wobbles.  

Our team came up with some of their top tips on what makes them happy.

Here you go:

    1. Pet Skills – Teaching my dogs, Bonnie and Maia, new tricks in the garden! If you have a cat...good luck, we all know they do what they want! (Holly, Designer)
    2. Youtube Exercising – A great workout game for all those competitive couples out there, using a deck of cards! Steve Cook on YouTube - He'll whip you into shape! (Kate, Designer)
    3. Learning to Double Dutch - You need a few housemates or family, skipping ropes and glutes of steel! Don’t know what it is? Look up Double Dutch Championships on YouTube. (Susannah, Business)
    4. Joe Wickes P.E. Lessons - Gets the kids away from the screen, even just for half an hour. An everyday fix for them, and me of course! (Karen, Marketing)