How to Keep in Touch with Clients

May 2020

In a time of social distancing, channelling communications is key. Here are some top tips on how to successfully keep in touch with those you do business with.

  1. Pick up the phone. A friendly 1 to 1 checking in on a client goes a long way. Step into their shoes to understand what they may be going through and be prepared to listen.
  2. Zoom or Skype. Especially useful if you work in a visual environment as you can share screens and discuss mood boards and concepts with lots of lovely people at once. Just remember to have swapped your PJ's for something less casual.
  3. Go Postal. A bit trickier but depending on your business, don’t disregard a clever piece of print. Be uplifting, be useful but please don’t be 'salesy'.
  4. Send a personal email. Updating your clients on how you’re operating through Covid 19 and the approaches you're taking to prioritise them goes a long way in credibility and trust.