How to Keep Your Brand Shining

April 2020

In our 20 years of working with clients, it's pretty clear that those brands (big & small) who are agile and people focused, survive and thrive through adversity.

It isn't complicated stuff, to be honest. However, given the swiftness of change over the last few weeks we thought we'd share a few pointers which may help you cut through the noise.


      1.  Be clear what your brand stands for and keep this in the forefront of your communications with customers.
      2. Look at how you connect; the streets may have gone quiet but conversation is louder than ever before. Have a look at your social media strategy to ensure your voice is being heard.
      3. Talking of voice, check your tone and your narrative. Intelligent brands take time to really understand their audiences. People respond to people not products.
      4. Hold on to the positives. We’re not suggesting that everything is rosey in the world of business. But sharing good news stories, taking time to really focus will ensure your brand sparkle shines the brightest.


Stay safe, stay happy!