Meet Chloe

March 2021

Hello, I'm Chloe Greenway and I'm one of the new designers at Icon.

Originally from North Wales, I moved south to study for my BA in Graphic Communications at The University of South Wales (USW) and landed a design job at Icon!

I was introduced to Icon when working on a brief for The Westfield Health British Transplant Games called 'Have a cuppa, have a chat', a campaign dealing with the sensitive and complex issues surrounding organ donation. I believe intelligent design can make a real difference when dealing with sensitive issues and by choosing the right media platform, you can can communicate these messages directly to your target audience's inbox.

Illustration and motion graphics are two of my strengths and these fitted the digital campaign objectives perfectly. Animated design is highly recommended  when clients are looking develop a shareable social media campaign as audiences enjoy interacting with brands and it definitely encourages memorable messaging. 

Campaigns for good are very rewarding so I was excited to be involved in the #BumpItForward digital and social media campaign run by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). My illustrations and animations created a visual and memorable campaign which is still exceeding expectations. They smashed their original £100k fundraising target and still going! I'm particularly proud of this project.

In my spare time, printmaking and watching true crime documentaries are two of my go-to activities. I often disappear for hours into a world of intrigue and suspense via 'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix.

I also have a fab family dog called Archie who's naturally been made an honorary zoom member of the team. He's a bit wild but I love him all the more for his daft ways.