Meet Geoff

September 2017

Lately, we’ve been enjoying seeing how the bar is constantly being raised to produce innovative, engaging video content, such as the latest advert for Kraft Heinz Australia. The four-minute animation – done in a Pixar style to firmly cement itself within the family market ­– follows the story of Geoff, a beans enthusiast that becomes Heinz’s Head of Innovation, which you can watch here.

The animation advertises a new range of can sizes to suit the different needs within the modern family through Geoff’s innovation as we follow his life journey. We become invested in Geoff as a character as we see him grow and witness his passion for beans through his experimentation and hand crafting of the cans, which also reflects on Heinz as a company.  As designers, we’re inspired by Geoff’s problem solving too; as he strives to create cans to suit every need, we strive to create designs to perfectly suit the unique needs of our clients.

We love the storytelling aspect of this advert and its adaptability, being able to be shortened to advertise individual cans. As we start incorporating more animation into our work, we’re sure we’ll be taking inspiration from this in the future.