Meet Hannah

September 2021

Hey, I’m Hannah Mitchell! I'm the new Account Manager at Icon.

I graduated from Kingston University a few years ago with a degree in English Literature. Since my studies, I've been adventuring around the UK from London to the North and now Wales, working with some fantastic clients and organisations. Stand out moments in this journey have included working for The Evening Standard (ES) Magazine where I got an insight into the world of editorial as well as starting up my own business dustontime while I was living in Newcastle.

In terms of approach, I’m a stickler for detail and love guiding clients through each stage of a project from inception to completion. Even though I’d say I’m very methodical, I’m quite happy to tackle curve balls, giving clients confidence that no matter what challenges (unplanned or planned!) arise I’ve the passion and focus to get stuck in and resolve any issues. I like to think that my role allows me to impact on clients in a positive way.

I've always had a passion for writing and have continued to put pen to paper creatively on societal issues on a personal blog and social media sites. I thrive off writing as it has the ability to tell another story, to be impactful, creative and fun. Walking in someone else’s shoes through words is fascinating and something I highly recommend! I’ve also written factual and fictional content for websites, adverts and print publications.

Outside of the creative bubble,  I'm an avid gym goer and runner. I am still yet to master the morning runs but that will be the aim before the end of the year!

I’m joining Icon from Deloitte and looking forward to working with a fantastic range of clients. We're always looking to help businesses flourish,  so please get in touch, happy to help!