Meet Holly

October 2019

Icon welcomed me to the team in September, after I’d recently graduated from the University of South Wales with a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Communication. I’m passionate about many areas of design including branding, print, typography, hand lettering, apps and campaigns, and had been looking for a position where I could utilise and expand my skills while learning more about commercial practice and working with clients. I count myself lucky to have been hired by an agency with expertise in so many creative fields.

So far, I’ve been involved on a huge variety of projects, producing work for some of Icon’s amazing clients, which is a flattering step up from the over-the-shoulder hovering and frantic note taking I had expected to experience throughout my first few months in industry.

Over the past few months, I’ve tested my research skills, memorised innumerable keyboard shortcuts, challenged my layout abilities, made countless rounds of tea and coffee, created seasonal illustrations, wrestled statistics into infographics, inadvertently learnt some Welsh and dabbled in web design.

For inspiration I often turn to Instagram, where I follow hundreds of designers and artists who post incredible work (no fancy food pictures in my feed!) or I’ll look back at photos of weird and wonderful things I’ve seen out in the world. I’m also influenced by items I’ve collected, such as pretty packaging, vintage style posters, travel postcards and design books. However, some of my best ideas come when I’m listening to music in the car, which can be frustrating when I have to pull over and jot them down!

I’ve settled in well to our lovely studio and loved getting to know the team; the collaborative approach to work is a refreshing change from solo University projects. I’m learning so much every day and really looking forward to jumping into even more diverse projects.

If you’d like to see some of our recent work, head over to our portfolio.