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My first 8 months at Icon. From campaigns to websites, and logos to brochures & web emailers; a lot happens in 8 months!

26 Jan 2017

My first 8 months at Icon

I’ve been working at Icon for about 8 months now and it has flown by. It feels like only last week I was stressed over my Final Major Project at University and preparing for the Grad Show.

Amongst the stress of final year University, I decided to throw in some more stress and apply for a junior designer role at Icon. I didn’t expect anything to come of it - because what are the chances of a student actually getting a job, right? Well apparently the chances are pretty good, and before I knew it I was starting my role as a Junior designer and I hadn’t even graduated yet…

The night before I started, I was excited but terrified. Excited because I could finally start earning some money doing what I love and terrified because I worried my skills weren’t at industry standard. The nerves soon disappeared though after being welcomed with a great big cup of tea and some Jammie Dodgers. The team were friendly and welcoming, and it’s great to be working in a creative and collaborative environment alongside likeminded people. It’s also great getting a surprise visit from Rio, the studio pooch, who comes bounding in rustling through your handbag and stealing your crisps…

I learnt so many new skills in the first few weeks of working at Icon that University could never have prepared me for. Apparently you don’t have 3 weeks to research for a project in the real world, nor is it acceptable to do said research tucked up in bed binge watching Netflix with copious amounts of tea and biscuits… (Although we do have a lovely settee perfect for playing the Xbox and watching the occasional ‘Made In Chelsea’ during our lunch break).

I’ve worked on some amazing campaigns since starting here. In most companies you’d expect to come in as a junior and work on really minor projects that barely see the light of day. I’ve been trusted working with massive clients on really exciting jobs and it’s great to see some of the stuff I’ve been working on come to life and on display in the real world (and not only in Photoshop mockups...)

I’d like to think I’ve brought some great things to the studio too like a fresh approach to problem solving and sneaky Illustrator shortcuts (not to mention my great sense of humor and a ping-pong table!)

There’s a placement opportunity up for grabs at Icon at the moment that I advise anyone reading this to apply for! If you’ve got the time to read a blog post babbling on about how invaluable industry experience is and the exciting things we get up to daily, then you’ve definitely got time to send in a CV!

Step out of your comfort zone and apply, because you really have nothing to lose (except for maybe the ability to see your toes…we eat a lot of McDonalds’ here).

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