Meet Olivia

April 2021

Shwmae!* I'm Olivia, one of the new designers in Icon.

I've been studying for my BA in Graphic Communications at University of South Wales (USW) and have loved the interplay between creating for digital and print. I'm really into product and UX design. My first ever brief was to brand and package a new product for ‘Long Acre Cosmetics’ which was a startup cosmetic brand based in London. 

I've also been fortunate enough to gain experience at River Island Headquarters London as a Digital Designer. It's a highly responsive and agile working environment with a media savvy customer base where you need to create social media assets, media alerts, infographics, blogs and instagram story icons that gain instant recognition for the brand.

I recently worked on a digital project for a vintage clothing brand to develop an app that celebrated the versatility and quirkiness of retro clothing. I did this by infusing vintage styling with modern design, devising an interactive wardrobe planner that allowed young customers to play around with clothing combinations. Definitely hitting a vibe of exclusivity, desirability and modernity.

Anyone who knows me will say that fashion is one of my greatest passions. My favourite brand is the iconic, Vogue. It has such a strong visual identity, elegance and boldness and has managed to stay influential in the field of fashion when others have fallen away. Although I'm a digital devotee, when it comes to magazines, it has to be a quality piece of print and that’s Vogue in my book!

I’m also a fluent Welsh speaker and enjoy designing for bilingual campaigns. Wales is a small country but regional differences can impact on campaign work so there’s a lot of pre-planning, content discussion and layout considerations to consider in making dual language design look effortless.


*Shwmae is Welsh for hello!