Sail Magazine

August 2020

For the thousands of students heading to university in September, they can look forward to becoming the newest members of their university network; a community filled with past and present students and staff. With Swansea University approaching their centenary year, much of their community is made up of Alumni who are kept up-to-date in part by an annual Alumni magazine; this year designed by the team here at Icon.

Sail magazine reaches nearly 60,000 alumni annually – in both English and Welsh – covering a wide range of topics relevant for the varied demographics that receive the magazine, from the recently graduated to the retired. We kept the design exciting with an image lead main feature intended to stir memories from different eras at Swansea University. In addition to the editorial design, bespoke illustrations and photography, we also contributed to the copywriting to ensure the text was concise and engaging, creating an altogether successful magazine and a happy client.

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