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It's 'Pigeon'-ing to Look a Lot Like Christmas

At Icon HQ, the festive spirit is in the air, and the chocolate eating is in full swing.

The buzz around this year's Christmas cards is palpable, and we couldn't settle for just one design — so we went for two!

Drawing inspiration from our studio and surroundings, our first design features our feathered friends. But, before you picture the traditional red-breasted Robin, meet our cheeky twist: 'Robin', our affectionate nickname for the full-bellied (aka chunky) pigeons that grace our garden. These pigeons have become not just visitors but constant companions and unofficial office surveillance, keeping a watchful eye on all our activities.

Our designers had a blast bringing "Robin" to life. They crafted bespoke illustrations, which were meticulously reproduced as high-quality enamel pin badges. These badges were mounted onto foil-blocked festive greetings cards (also illustrated and lovingly designed in-house) and snugly tucked into tissue-lined envelopes—because who doesn't love a touch of elegance?

We'd love to see you wearing your badges. It's our way of spreading the holiday cheer and connecting with you through the creativity and humour that define our studio.

Here's to a festive season filled with joy, laughter, and the sight of 'Robin' making appearances on lapels near and far!

Wishing you all ‘Festive Cheer & Happy New Year!’

Tag us on socials and don't forget to use the #ChapelFriends if our feathered friend happens to land near you!


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