Black Mountains College

Black Mountains College

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The aptly named 'Black Mountains College' (BMC) in Talgarth is a forward-thinking education organisation, offering immersive teaching experiences through seminars in a range of subjects with the goal of preparing students for the coming effects of climate change. The brainchild of Owen Sheers (Welsh writer and director) and British acclaimed Human Rights Watch Researcher Ben Rawlence, the college uses Brecon Beacons National Park as it’s classroom.

Challenged with heightening awareness for their unique education offerings in an environmentally sustainable way, we worked with Black Mountains College to introduce sustainably sourced printed marketing materials that have been used in workshops, seminars and festivals since.


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We ensured all printed materials were responsibly sourced and had a purpose in support of the college’s environmentally led mission. Exhibition panels used to promote the college courses were designed utilising their established brand and strong visual identity. We printed the panels on Re-board®, the most environmentally friendly board of its kind. Re-board® contains no harmful components and utilises water-based adhesives, meaning it can be recycled as paper. Being so lightweight, it also reduces the carbon footprint of transport.

“The prospect of BMC creating a new kind of graduate and a new kind of learning experience is incredibly exciting. Wales is a small nation but still has the potential to lead the world when it comes to green issues and wellbeing, and a locally inspired, globally relevant college as an international centre of thought leadership will be a massive regenerative boost to the country’s intellectual and fiscal economy. Most importantly, though, BMC will question how we can create such a boost without harming our environment and communities.”

Cerys Matthews
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