British Transplant Games - Brand Development

British Transplant Games - Brand Development

Brand Refresh / Campaign / Digital / Event Dressing / Website / Motion Design


As a city, Newport continues to punch above its weight especially when it comes to attracting major sports and events, so we were delighted to join the Westfield Health British Transplant Games as lead creative partner. The four day event attracts more than 1,000 competitors and 1,500 supporters whilst raising awareness of organ donation and encouraging active lifestyles.

With the Games celebrating their 40th year in Newport, we wanted to give their brand an overhaul, creating a stronger sense of identity and improving awareness through a brand new website, illustration style and marketing collateral.  


Transplant recipients taking part in the Games


Sporting events for transplant recipients to take part in


Supporters watching the games annually, set to rise with the success of the Newport launch event

We created a new illustrative approach that incorporated sport, abstract Welsh dragons and Newport landmarks to celebrate the event and it’s locations and rolled it out on promotional flyers, pull-up banners and a brand new bespoke website which was created through an easy to manage CMS, perfect for the organiser's needs.

By creating consistency at all touchpoints with a focus on digital marketing (e-shots, social media and video in particular), we were able to strengthen brand awareness and responsiveness for the Westfield Health British Transplant Games, resulting in over twice as many attendees at the launch event than was anticipated beforehand.


“‘As our creative partner, we were impressed with the agency’s eye for detail and ability to create a brand identity that captured both the host city and the ambition of the games.

Icon's generosity will see the relationship continue through to Coventry and Leeds and we are confident that the team will continue to showcase the games to the transplant community and beyond.

A sincere 'thank you' from all involved in the Westfield Health British Transplant Games.'”

Yuri Matischen, Managing Director, MLS Contracts