The Westfield Health British Transplant Games are the flagship event of Transplant Sport, with over 800 organ transplant recipients aged 2 – 80 participating in 20+ sporting activities.

With the games arriving in Newport, we were incredibly excited to collaborate with organisers to develop a new visual identity.

The Westfield Health British Transplant Games have featured in various host cities throughout the UK, including Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, and Newcastle in conjunction with local authorities, university's and hospital teams. Numerous athletes who take part in these games often progress to compete at the World Transplant Games.

However, previous games have depended on temporary local partnerships to fulfill services like creative design and sponsorship, resulting in missed opportunities to maximize long-term awareness of organ donation. 


By adopting an illustrative approach, we developed a series of figures that showcased the key sports, adapted for a comprehensive digital and print campaign. These characters were strategically placed against iconic landmarks that captured the vibrancy of Newport.  A new website added to the confident offer with more up to date and inclusive content throughout.

With increased visibility, pre-launch events generated a remarkable 40% increase in inquiries from hospital teams across the UK. The brand's profile soared, and the PR coverage gained momentum at the host venues and throughout the event programme, culminating in a grand finale at the closing ceremony.

As a design agency, we found immense inspiration in the bravery of the participants, organ donors, and hospital teams, as well as the countless volunteers who contributed to making the event truly extraordinary.

Consequently, we made a firm commitment to maintaining our creative partnership for the Westfield Health British Transplant Games going on to Coventry.


“Working with Icon has been a game changer for us. Managing the aspirations and requirements of multiple partners, they've skilfully articulated what it means to part of the British Transplant Sport family.

Their creative approach has injected the games with an identity and ambition that we could only have dreamed of. We're delighted that Icon are continuing to work with is as Creative Partner for the future."

- Yuri Matischen, Managing Director, MLS Contracts