CISM - Brand Development

CISM - Brand Development

Art Direction / Bilingual Design / Brand Identity / Data Visualisation / Event Dressing / Marketing Materials / Print Management


CISM (Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials) came to Icon in need of a brand identity to secure investment for their innovative work in semiconductor technology. In response, we developed a cohesive brand identity that is a reflection of both their industry, their Welsh heritage and their inevitable growth in the near future.


The CISM branding was developed through a series of presentations, consultation and intelligent research with key stakeholders to ensure the final concepts reflected the aims and objectives of  the CISM team. A commercial project with external investment and a medley of regional and national partners it was imperative that the branding conveyed the intentions and scope confidently.

Bespoke Facilities

CISM aims to build state-of-the-art research facilities that are also available to students

20+ Years

Help regenerate the UK’s semiconductor industry and provide sustainable growth for next 20+years

£90m Target

A project reliant on investment


In addition to the overarching brand, we worked with CISM on marketing visuals such as pull-up banners and brochures as well as interpreting and simplifying their information to ensure that their communication with their audience was as clear as possible.