Small, yet mighty. Leading independent school, Ffynone House School has always been ambitious in offering an immersive experience for its students.

Cue a new recruitment campaign celebrating the diversity of the school's offer and the young people benefitting from a Ffynone House education.

For a small, independent school, Ffynone House punches above its weight with the determination to offer a high quality and far reaching school experience. Outside of the 'curriculum' the school also places great emphasis on ensuring pupils from all backgrounds feel secure and valued, truly a part of the Ffynone House family.

Working closely with the school, we developed an illustrative campaign with students at centre stage. Individually, the children represented  an aspect of the establishment. Combined, they displayed a collective strength and unity. Created in a contemporary colour palette and using the strapline, 'Nurturing Ambitious Young Minds', the campaign was communicated in both digital and print.


The hashtag #ffynonefamily further underlined the school's supportive and nurturing environment.

From recruitment, the campaign spilled out into retention with a rework of the school's journal, created as a show piece to share in the achievements and aspirations of the school's pupils.

Animations, wall graphics and outdoor banners added to the touch points of the new creatives, strengthening the distinctive and vibrant Ffynone House brand.

'It’s been a real pleasure working with the team at Icon. Getting to the heart of what makes Ffynone House School such a distinct and inclusive learning environment was key and they came back with a striking campaign that captured the essence of the Ffynone family perfectly. Highly recommend.'

Michael Boulding, Head Teacher, Ffynone House School