After a 2 year hiatus, we worked with the Student Engagement Team on a face to face exams campaign for undergraduate and postgraduate students at King's College London.

It's been a joy for the HE sector to reintroduce the immersive student experience. The buzz on campuses has been sorely missed and for many students, Spring  2022 has seen the first real opportunity to fully engage with their university.

Working with the Student Engagement Team, Icon developed a 'return to face to face' exams campaign targeting undergraduate and postgraduate students returning to multiple campuses to sit exams.

Leading with a highly visual campaign, the messaging touched upon mental health, exam preparation, orientation on campus as well as exam etiquette.

Emblazoned on digital screens, social media and wayfaring, it was a great opportunity to reach out and reassure the King's College student body returning to on-site assessment.

‘Welcoming students back to written exams has been a great experience for us; a thank you to Icon for helping us prepare and guide the students with confidence and care.’

Heena Ramchandani, Project Officer, King's College London