Icon undertook a refresh of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's largest alumni publication, LEAD, ahead of the institution's 125th Anniversary.

As a postgraduate university, LSTM attracts a large number of international students developing their medical/research acumen at a senior level. 

It's alumni are truly global with the shared ambition of breaking the cycle of poor health and poverty. You'll find members of the alumni network influencing change and making a real difference from the Ebola crisis in West Africa to the tsunami's of Thailand and closer to home, developing ground breaking research to tackle tropical and infectious diseases.

It’s a core publication for communicating fundraising campaigns, skill sharing and raising the profile of LSTM as a pioneer in medical research.

Aligned with the strong imagery, stand out quotes and a user friendly pagination design allowed the reader to navigate and prioritise  visuals and copy, clearly. The additional central pullout for graduates added a distinct design element to the publication, allowing brand new ‘alumni’ to be introduced into the LSTM alumni family. The publication was also produced in a digital format with QR codes adding to the interaction opportunities.

LEAD continues to champion the growth of LSTM's alumni network, focusing on the impact that its graduates continue to make on the world stage.

'LEAD is designed to be a stakeholder magazine, encompassing global audiences from alumni to staff and students.

From front to back, LEAD is designed to engage with our audiences, encouraging them to engage with LSTM, especially on the run up to our 125th Anniversary in 2023. A huge thank you to Icon for helping to create a dynamic publication as always!'

James McMahon, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer, LSTM