Swansea University - 'Making Waves' Microsite

Swansea University - 'Making Waves' Microsite

(UX) Design / Strategy / Digital / Integrated Campaign


'Making Waves'  was the first fully integrated student recruitment campaign combining digital and print to drive student conversions for Swansea University. 

The Brief

Working with the client on student recruitment for over 12 years, we were tasked with not only developing the strategic creatives  for print marketing and communications but also developing  a microsite that would function as an interactive platform targeting key students regionally (in Wales) and nationally, with particular focus on selected English regions. 

The microsite was designed to guide the user through the recruitment messages and to deliver the most authentic experience possible. This was achieved by, A) creating intuitive navigation and site architecture framework and B) using still and moving imagery, and engaging and insightful content led by current students and graduates. The messaging was further reinforced with key visuals and infographics ranging from affordability, employability and ranking that were weaved throughout the digital and print communications. 

The site was created bilingually and the team worked with the client on features that would best enable potential students to browse the website efficiently on mobile and desktop devices whilst ensuring the microsite was able to work on existing university platforms and browsers. Accessibility was a priority with key areas of functionality, operation and design including audio and visual alternatives, reflow and contrast addressed and tested at planning and framework stages.

The 'Making Waves' campaign clearly gave potential students confidence in visiting the University with open day attendances up 40% from the previous year and applications to study at the institution increasing by 24.3%.


 Unique visitors after 6 months of going live



Increase of first-time visits to undergraduate webpages compared to the same period previous year


Increase of first time visits to UG pages from targeted English regions

Microsites can be a great marketing tool for many businesses outside of the education sector as long as they aren't used to prop up an inefficient website. For any client reviewing their digital strategy (or indeed starting their journey on creating one), we can provide expertise and guidance on what assets will be most beneficial for your business.