National Centre for Learning Welsh

National Centre for Learning Welsh

Poster series / Bilingual design / Print


With keen ramblers and Welsh language learners in our midst, we were delighted when the National Centre for Learning Welsh commissioned us to create a poster series for their upcoming Guided Walks for Welsh Learners campaign. Since only 19% of Welsh residents are fluent Welsh speakers, initiatives such as the guided walks create new and engaging ways for people to get involved in developing their Welsh language skills.


Of the Welsh population speak Welsh according to a 2011 census


Guided walks across different locations all around Wales

400 AD

Welsh is believed to have emerged as a language sometime around this period

The walks which take place in five locations across Wales allow walkers to practice their Welsh while exploring the Welsh coasts and countryside.

“Confidence is one of the most important things when it comes to learning Welsh as an adult.
‘Hyder’ – the Welsh for ‘confidence’ - will therefore be central to the National Centre for Learning Welsh’s work over the coming months, with marketing campaigns and activities across Wales giving learners an opportunity to practise and enjoy using their Welsh.”

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