Shwmae Swansea

Shwmae Swansea

Illustration / Print / Sub-brand Identity / Photography / Copywriting / Bilingual Design


Student recruitment in higher education is as competitive as ever with an ever increasing scope of what's on offer for potential students.

For marketing teams, aside from communicating the quality and reputation of an institution, creating a sense of place is key towards creating an emotional connection and establishing a point of difference in a bustling marketplace.

For students, a commitment to study in a new location with new people can be a big ask. A combination of print and digital collateral helps to inspire and guide potential students on their journey as well as providing a reassuring and informative voice for decision makers including family and friends.

Cue Shwmae Swansea; the ultimate pocket guide to life at Swansea University. Having designed the past three guides, we work collaboratively with Swansea University to make sure every edition is an improvement on the last, using feedback from stakeholders to shape the focus and feel.


Copies printed in English and Welsh


WhatUni University of the Year 2019 in the Student Choice Awards


Bespoke illustrations reflecting the unique city by the sea location

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We created bespoke illustrations for the student guide each giving the cover its own unique theme; the beach, the location and, for 2019, the student summer ball, a highlight in the University’s social calendar. Inside, the layout took an informal approach, giving guidance for all steps in the decision making process to becoming a student at Swansea University. The style, tone of voice and messages were all designed to support the Undergraduate prospectus, creating a consistent experience for potential students.

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The guide shares some of Swansea's best kept secrets from nightclubs and budget restaurants to Instagram worthy scenery and epic sporting events. Student endorsements add a peer to peer element of engagement as well. All elements combined to create a pocket size publication with a wealth of information.

“For those diligent students who always read the small print we included handy Welshisms to give them an advantage - sayings such as ‘cwtch’ a cosy word for ‘cuddle’ or ‘shwmae’ the Welsh word for ”Hi, how’s it going?” – everything a new student would need to make them feel right at home.”

A digital version is available at: