Specific - Brand Development

Specific - Brand Development

Art Direction / Bilingual Design / Brand Identity / Environment Graphics / Illustration / Marketing Materials / Photography / Print Management / Signage / Wayfinding


Every day the earth receives enough solar energy to power our planet for 27 years. Icon's passion for the environment led us to work with SPECIFIC, an organisation at the forefront of innovation in the green energy sector.

SPECIFIC is an academic and industrial consortium led by Swansea University, developing cutting-edge solutions to future energy needs. We’re fascinated by their pioneering vision for the built environment and their work turning buildings into power stations. With some light-bulb thinking of our own, we developed a bright brand identity that captures their unique approach, and references their Welsh heritage.

Low carbon 

at low cost

Since 2011

Working with Specific and partners since they established

Every day

we get enough energy from the sun to power our planet for 27 years

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With their identity in place, we created all manner of materials, including interior schemes for their built facilities. Their audiences encompass everyone from government ministers to academics and curious schoolchildren, so storytelling is crucial to SPECIFIC. We helped them tell theirs using icons and dual language word clouds.