Preparing for primary school; how we helped Swansea University & Save the Children articulate young children’s experiences and expectations when setting off for school through the 'Starting Strong' project.

The transition into primary school is a big change for both children and their families. It’s an important point of their social, emotional and educational development.

For those living in poverty, this experience can be more challenging. Learning from the experiences of young people, the Department of Education & Childhood at Swansea University in partnership with children's charity, Save the Children, undertook extensive research that would serve as a toolkit for facilitators, teachers, local authorities and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the welfare of young people.

Central to the brief was the creation of an animated video in English and Welsh. Key messages were brought to life in a continuous, linear drawing style that placed children’s responses at the heart of the findings. Combined with a pastel colour palette derived from the Save the Children brand, a playful element flows through the communications.

Assigning a voice over artist with the appropriate tone was also a priority and we were able to  appoint a bilingual professional who matched the brief brilliantly.

The videos were complimented with a summary report and illustrated response documents that brought the findings of the Starting Strong research into print.

English video link


Welsh video link