With recruiters looking for industry specific skills and work place experience in addition to a degree, students need to have developed their employability throughout their time at university.

Swansea University’s Employability Academy (SEA) which helps to bridge the gap between students and recruiters came to Icon in need of a marketing overhaul.


Best University Careers (NUE Awards)

One of the key obstacles identified was a lack of profile to the target users with tone of voice, relevance and visibility low. Drawing on our experience working with the higher education sector, we knew that the brand would need to be more engaging and interactive, promoting the already excellent innovative teaching and learning practices held by the University as well as demonstrating the clear benefits and outcomes of being part of the scheme.

Our initial consultation with stakeholders also helped us to prioritise the ease of signing up with many students assuming the academy would be complex or limited to selected employers.

We also worked on the #SeaYourFuture hashtag which encouraged the visualisation of shaping a student's career path, inspiring confidence in taking control of decision making. A contemporary colour palette with clear brand guidelines acted as a tool for staff to ensure consistency in tone of voice, messaging and approach.

We drew on the University’s target audience and location as the inspiration behind the design for the new identity for the Academy. Working with a dynamic team we were able to push boundaries and work collaboratively to produce exciting and engaging pieces, such as the Logo Loop Postcard.

From idea creation to increased engagement, Icon have created marketing collateral that has generated an excellent return. Our interactive postcard has been a big success.

Similarly, the changes made by capturing our student funding initiative onto a postcard and online registration form #SeaYourFuture events has already generated interest matching the past 3 years combined

Dr Jon Howden-Evans Head of Swansea Employability Academy, Swansea University