Welsh Varsity - Brand Development

Welsh Varsity - Brand Development

Art Direction / Bilingual Design / Brand Identity / Campaign Creation /Marketing / Photography / Print


Here at Icon, we love a good logo. We also like nothing more than a home-grown rugby match. So we leapt at the chance to design a fresh identity for Welsh Varsity. It’s the biggest student sporting event in Wales, when Cardiff University and Swansea University traditionally line up against one another to do battle for the coveted Varsity Cup.
Our brief was to capture the spirit of this annual ‘grudge’ match. It’s an adrenaline-filled, crowd-roaring show of strength, but with plenty of friendly rivalry to boot. What better way to symbolise that than a logo depicting the dragon and the swan – two symbols of two great Welsh universities – going head-to-head on clothing, merchandise and pitch-side banners.


Spectators attend the event annually, with student tickets selling out within weeks


Competitive sports to take part in at world class sport venues

20+ Years

of Welsh Varsity, which is now the biggest student sporting event in Wales

Now the biggest student sporting event in Wales, and the second biggest in the UK, Varsity is an annual event full of atmosphere and celebration.

Since designing the logo in 2012, it's spanned t-shirts, merchandise, social media and more.

“We asked for a stand out identity for Welsh Varsity depicting the heritage and friendly rivalry between the two university. We got exactly that and the reaction has been amazing with the brand having credibility to both our student market and amongst the corporates too.

With so many events across the UK aiming to emulate the Welsh Varsity, our brand definitely helps to distinguish us in a very crowded marketplace.”

Richard Lancaster
Head of Sport & Corporate Engagement, Swansea University