Swansea University

One new campus with six new places to eat

Feast your eyes on these. Commissioned to develop visual identities for six eateries at Swansea University's stunning new Bay Campus, we cooked up a delicious variety of visual approaches.

Swansea University's new campus is unique. One of the few global universities with its own beach access and seafront promenade, it's a remarkable setting. It's also home to six eateries – cafes, bars, and a restaurant – and we were asked to create visual identities for all of them. At Icon we love a good logo and we're hungry for a challenge, so it was a task we approached with relish.

Our identity for The Core supports its multiple functions as dining hall, food court and event space. Street food pod Stryd's logo uses a map icon with a fork inside. Cegin's identity reflects its role as a traditional food outlet. Koop's charming logo is ideal for this chicken-based food pod. Bar 52º's identity works both for its daytime offer and after-dark alter ego. Coffeeopolis cleverly combines a coffee cup with a hint of Swansea's skyline.

"When we opened the Bay Campus in September 2015 we challenged Icon to develop distinctive, visual ‘brands’ for six new eating outlets. The identities needed to reflect the diversity of offering and creating a ‘high street’ feel across the campus. Armed with a short brief, Icon set out to meet our challenge. They understood exactly what we were looking for and the identities and concepts they created were outstanding – visually stunning, reflective of our offer and set to appeal to our diverse and demanding customer groups. Icon have helped us take the University catering offer to a new level of professionalism and dynamism."

Ben Lucas
Head of Development, Swansea University

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Logotype
  • Signage


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