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From a strategic start to the polished finish, producing this suite of literature for one of the UK’s academic powerhouses was about balance. We needed to devise a School identity that worked within the wider University brand guidelines – but had the freedom to flex our print production talents.

The School of Management at Swansea University might be our Welsh neighbour, but it has a prestigious presence across the academic world. It’s one of the UK’s leading centres for management, finance and economic research and education. And the work that happens here is shaping the future of the global economy.

Reflecting that in their marketing literature was no mean feat. But print is something of a specialty for us, so we knew we could create something that echoed our client’s prestigious credentials. Making sure it followed the brand identity we’d already developed for them, we produced a sophisticated suite of literature – including brochures that featured refined foil blocking on the covers.

"Applications and conversions to firm choice applicants has increased again this year and I must attribute some of this success to the new School of Management prospectuses. Icon have worked incredibly hard to make us stand out, producing striking and engaging publications that will help to recruit students from home and abroad. Their turnaround, patience and professionalism has always been outstanding and I am very grateful for all of their work on this project. We liked the work they did so much that it has really helped shape the direction of our visual identity for the whole college."

Jessica Watson-James
Head of Marketing, Recruitment, Internationalisation and Development
School of Management, Swansea University

What we did

  • Sub-brand identity
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Prospectus
  • Marketing material
  • Exhibition


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