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Promoting Ballet Cymru in China

Established in 1986, Ballet Cymru has grown to become an award-winning dance company committed to innovation, education and collaboration. Working with an eclectic range of performers and artistes including Cerys Matthews, harpist Catrin Finch and composer Thomas Hewitt Jones, in addition to organisations including Coreo Cymru, Sinfonia Cymru, Rubicon Dance and Citrus Arts, the company has a reputation for distinctive and stylish productions.

With the opportunity to engage and expand their international reach, we were tasked with creating a design that was multilingual whilst still allowing for an image dominant layout to capture and communicate the essence of Ballet Cymru. Our experience with multilingual literature intended for international audiences meant that we were best suited to sourcing the Mandarin translations, in addition to suggesting a more suitable format for the literature that communicated the spirit and ambition of Ballet Cymru.

Take a look at the final solution below, an A5 concertina design filled with inventive, expressive images to accompany typeset Mandarin, English and Welsh, with on brand flourishes to create an exciting piece of creative.

Interested in something similar or wanting to know more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.


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