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6 Head off to Propyard, Bristol

For clarity this post isn't just about pizza, although everyone raved about Pizzarova and we'd highly recommend!

Ferg Stacey Androulla Adam Ian and Derek outside Prop Yard

We recently headed to Propyard in Bristol to listen to Cat How, Founder and Creative Director, How&How (London, Lisbon & LA) and Lisa Smith, Global Creative Director, JKR share insights on their creative design journeys. We always think of Bristol and Bath as being creative hotspots but the two women showed how they were able to use their energy and insight to shape design businesses both home and abroad.

As an agency, we're passionate about delivering ambitious design that shapes client brands for good so it was a real bonus to hear other creative's approach to this.

On a social side:

Bonus points; a) the sun was shining b) the venue was cool and c) pizza and beer prior to the talk was spot on.

I think Thursday is definitely the new Friday!


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