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A VIP Book for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Swansea University at a congregation in the University’s Great Hall, and Icon were given the honour of designing the VIP book for the event.

The book acts as a commemoration of the former first lady’s visit to Swansea University, an exploration of her Welsh roots, and a journey through the rich history of Swansea University. Having recently worked on material for Swansea University’s upcoming centenary celebrations, we had a clear vision of the prestige and heritage that we wanted to communicate through the design, whilst creating something that could be kept as a token of this historical event.

By creating a hard cover slip case for the book, we gave it importance and status that was enhanced by the elegance of the sophistication of the maroon foiling applied to the coat of arms. It also had the added bonus of giving the book longevity, making it perfect as a keepsake to remember the event. Giving the coat of arms such prominence on the cover also establishes the prestige and heritage that we wanted present in the design.

Within the book, we kept the design simple with a clear layout to ensure that there were no distractions from the bilingual information and historical documents and photographs featured throughout. We even redesigned elements such as Hillary’s family tree to help make the brochure more reader friendly throughout.

In addition to the VIP book, we printed 5000 copies without a slip case as a keepsake for the prospective students that visited the open day on the same day as the congregation, involving everyone in this momentous event.

We hope Hillary enjoys her VIP book, and look forward to seeing her influence take hold at the newly named Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. Interested in something similar or wanting to see more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.


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