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An Action-Packed Christmas in London

What a way to get into the festive spirit; after a busy few weeks of exciting new projects and a fruitful awards season, we took a trip to London to see the Sky Garden, the Tate Modern and – unfortunately for some team members – the London Dungeons!

Starting the trip with a London quiz (overseen by our very own Quiz Master and Senior Designer, Derek) we enjoyed a fun-filled day with many highlights coming from the Dungeons; Meg being part of Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder plot, Holly undergoing a guilty verdict in the courts, and Ian – much to his despair – being chosen for demonstrations in the Torture Chamber.

Following on from the intensity of the Dungeons, we enjoyed relaxing with mulled wine at the Tate and experimenting with interactive art before heading over to the Sky Garden where we were all in awe of the incredible sunset lit views across London. We were also lucky enough to have time to experience Covent Garden at Christmas; a wonderfully seasonal end to an action-packed day.

Feeling festive? Take a look at the Christmas pop-up card we created for Swansea University or get in touch to find out more about us and our work.


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