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'Burger Brown' & 'Ketchup Red' Please

Our team has a soft spot for McDonald's, especially when there's a birthday celebration in the studio – it's the perfect excuse for a takeout! Some of us have our go-to orders, while others like to mix things up by trying the latest guest burger or opting for a light salad (no fries, of course).

We saw McDonald's latest project partner has just been unveiled with Nails.INC delivering on a limited edition range of nail polishes, toppers and adornments.

It's not the first time that the food giant has teamed up on product brand collaborations, having previously launched a range with Crocs and fashion brand Palace, in 2023 to mixed reviews.

We're big fans of cross-brand initiatives in the studio. Collaborations like these are an innovative way to tap into new markets, boost brand credibility and create excitement among like-minded partners.

However, it's crucial to ensure there's mutual brand synergy, shared values, and authenticity for success.

We've seen both hits and misses in the past. Limited edition shoes, socks, and Jibbitz™ charms featuring iconic McDonald's characters received a positive response from loyal brand followers, but a bespoke clothing range with skate brand, Palace left some fans less than thrilled.

The Nails.INC collaboration has sparked lively discussions in our studio, although we're not entirely convinced that shades like 'Gotta Ketchup' (ketchup red) and 'Big Mac Please' (burger brown) will be adorning our fingers or toes anytime soon. Regardless, the announcement did prompt us to indulge in a McDonald's takeout – a win-win!

(image credits: McDonald's/Crocs/Nails.Inc)


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