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European Transplant & Dialysis Games

This August, for the first time, the UK plays host to the European Transplant & Dialysis Games. Providing a week of multi-sport competition amongst solid organ transplant recipients and kidney dialysis patients from over 25 countries, the event has similarities to the Paralympics and Invictus Games.

European Transplant and Dialysis Games Flyer

We were privileged to be asked by Dr Paul Harden FRCP, Consultant Transplant Physician and Chair of Transplant Sport to create the official logo for the host city, Oxford as well as a suite of branding to launch the event at Blenheim Palace.

Working previously with Dr Harden on the The Westfield Health British Transplant Games allowed us to gain insights into the comradery of organ transplant recipients and the challenges that many of the competitors face on a daily basis. The opportunity to share stories, make new friends whilst taking part in a programme of lively sporting events were important considerations for organisers.

Defining the Games

Creating a welcoming and inclusive identity for the host city, our team initially worked on developing the Oxford 2022 logo, a crucial element of the overall identity. Used on a plethora of materials including the coveted winners medals, the design features a solo athlete breaking through the competitor line.

In keeping with the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Federation logo colour palette, a contemporary design was then incorporated into the illustrated graphics which echoed the architecture of host city Oxford whilst highlighting key venues and partners including Blenheim Palace and Radley College.

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