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Clean and Green

At Icon we are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment with the aim of running a zero-waste studio by implementing sustainable initiatives in the workplace, such as our exclusion of non-recyclable plastic straws. With the Future Generations Act proving to be a huge social, economic, environment and cultural initiative as well, now more than ever before our commitment to actively enforce our programme is at the forefront of how we operate as a business.

What’s great for us is working with like-minded suppliers and clients; we source printers who use FSC certified paper from sustainable or recycled sources and vegetable based inks, and we work creatively with innovative companies such as Specific, who have recently been awarded £36 million of UK funding to develop clean energy innovations via the new Active Buildings project.

The new Active Building Centre based in Swansea University will be a national centre of excellence that works with supply chains from the energy and construction sector and is supported by ten universities from around the UK. The Active Building Centre’s vision is to transform the UK construction and energy sectors through the deployment of Active Buildings powered by the sun, creating energy resilient communities and significantly contributing to electric vehicle and decarbonisation targets. This is a major step forward as UK buildings now account for around 40% of our energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

We’re excited to have been working with Active Building Centre in developing a brand identity that reflects their forward-thinking vision. Having already created their logo which takes inspiration from the unique curve of the centre’s roof and uses Specific colours to create a link between the two organisations, we’re currently in the process of rolling out the brand across a range of touchpoints.

Interested in something similar or want to know more? Get in touch or have a look at the brand we developed for Specific here.


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