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Ipanema Beach Wall

Plastic pollution is a devastating problem worldwide with 8 million pieces of plastic entering our oceans every day, killing 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million sea birds annually. Plastic can be found on every beach in the world, even on some of the most iconic beaches in the world; in Rio de Janeiro, three days worth of plastic waste left on Ipanema beach was used to create a two meter high and fifteen meter wide wall that stopped visitors accessing the beach.

The stunt – created by agency Soko as part of a deal between Corona and Parley of the Oceans that aims to protect the sea against plastic waste – also featured a sign in front of the wall, saying “One day, the trash left on the beach will stop you from getting into it.”

We’re always being inspired by creative campaigns that are creating a positive impact on the environment, especially as we’re making strides to becoming a zero-waste studio and minimising our impact on the environment. More recently, we’ve also become a member of Cynnal Cymru; the leading organisation for Sustainable Development in Wales.

Interested in seeing some of our work such as the illustrations below or want to know more? Get in touch or take a look at our portfolio projects.

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