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Our Christmas Trip... in Summer!

They say all good things come to those that wait and it was so true this month.

Derek Androulla Stacey Susannah Ian Adam Ferg

Our postponed pre Christmas 'do' to London is normally a woolly hat and coat affair but a day out in June saw the swap to sunglasses and sunscreen as we immersed ourselves in the buzzing streets of London. As a native Londoner, Creative Director Androulla loves showing off her home town and for one of the hottest days of the year so far, the city shone at its finest.


1. Stacey and Androulla winning the London quiz on the outbound train

2. Beautiful views (everywhere) from the top of the Sky Gardens

3. The coldest, crispest beers just by Pudding Lane against the backdrop of the Monument to the Great Fire of London

4. Borough Market (lunch at it's most diverse although we stopped short of buying strong cheese to take home).


1. Susannah's Kinder chocolate melting in her pocket and all over her glasses (which she proceeded to put on..eugh!)

2. The loooong queue to get on board the London Eye

3. The even longer card game between Ferg and Derek having zero opportunity to offload their hand (an hour after Stacey had quite clearly won).

All in all, we highly recommend an away day with colleagues who just happen to be some of our best friends... how lucky are we?


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