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Stylish Designs for Sewing with Style

Janome’s Sewing with Style campaign launches their new product ranges every Autumn and Spring, and we look forward to the opportunity to create a visual identity for the campaign twice a year. This year, we took our inspiration from fashion to craft designs that were well suited to a creative company like Janome.

Our designs take a unique, patchwork twist on bags and shoes with subtle, stitched style accents to tie in with Janome’s products. We also opted for an autumnal colour scheme which helped to tie in the designs to the season and worked well with the leaf shapes used throughout to bring more excitement to the visuals. For the Sewing with Style campaigns, we know that the designs need to be adaptable to grow with Janome and their retailers’ needs, from brochures and point of sales to online advertising and even in-store craft projects. By building up the design elements and patterns as we have, we’ve ensured that everything featured in the campaign can look both consistent as a set and impressive as an individual piece of creative.

Interested in something similar or wanting to see more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.


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