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Supporting Teenage Cancer Trust Wales

What a great start to 2020! Thanks to our clients, our festive sock fundraising campaign resulted in Icon donating £250 to Teenage Cancer Trust Wales.

This extremely important cause relies entirely on voluntary donations to support young people living with cancer by funding and maintaining wards in every major UK hospital, which are run by specialist nursing staff. They have a number of outreach and digital support services as well as hosting support events. If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organisation, head over to

Our campaign asked the recipients of our Christmas gifts to share a photo of themselves wearing their new festive socks to social media. For each photo which was posted and tagged #TeamTeenageCancer, we donated £1 to the Welsh branch of the charity.

This opportunity allowed us to simultaneously raise awareness of a cause we believe is doing incredible work and involving our clients and friends in a fun social media challenge with the incentive of their engagement increasing the money we donated.

We also really enjoyed designing and producing the packaging we used to wrap each of the gifts this year, take a look below!


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