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WWF’s #TooLaterGram Campaign

WWF have partnered with TBWA\Paris and nine travel influencers on Instagram to create the #TooLaterGram awareness campaign that cleverly uses wanderlust to highlight the impact of human activity and pollution on the Earth. Using edited photos created by TBWA\Paris, the Instagrammers shared images of idyllic destinations and unspoiled scenery partnered with their unedited counterparts which show the devastation that is present in areas around the world.

Pairing what people expect and enjoy seeing with the harsh truth creates an impactful, visual campaign which allows it to communicate quickly, transcending language barriers to create an ideal piece of shareable content, thereby reaching an ever-expanding online audience.

With our extensive research into youth marketing strategy here at Icon, we can see how this holds the trademarks of being a successful campaign for the target audience. Millennials and Gen Z are the most ethical generation yet, and with the ever-increasing presence of influencers in their daily lives, it’s unsurprising that organisations such as the WWF are using the persuasive power of influencers to encourage Millennials and Gen Z to take greater involvement in environmental issues.

We’re reducing our environmental impact here at the studio by not using any non-recyclable plastic straws and making full use of our KeepCups when we’re busy out and about.

Interested in seeing some of our work or want to know more? Get in touch or view our portfolio here.


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