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Crafting a Custom Christmas Campaign

A sneak peak on how we produced our illustrated Christmas cards and bespoke enamel pins for 2023.

From initial sketches in September, both our bespoke cards and gift pins were brought to life in a glory of foiling and metal alloy.

Opting for a soft enamel pin ensured the colours on both the ghost and pigeon motifs maintained their vibrancy with the intricate detailing shining through. We were impressed with the process throughout, allowing us to produce a limited edition, wearable product with oodles of character and charm.

The illustrated greetings cards (beautifully drawn by Ferg), inspired by the interior and exterior of the studio were the perfect backdrop to spread the festive messaging far and wide!

If you're looking for something similar or would like us to create bespoke campaign material, get in touch.


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