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Embrace the Christmas Spirit

While we know our beautiful Chapel is not haunted, it’s a lot more fun to pretend it is.

Our mischievous imaginary ghost ‘Wesley’ has a knack for popping up when and where you least expect him. It adds a playful element to our workplace, especially in a studio full of pranksters where every sound, every creak, gets exaggerated, creating mild hysteria among our fun-loving team. It's all in good spirits, of course, and the element of surprise keeps us on our toes.

This Christmas, Wesley has decided to expand his imaginary presence all over the country. If you happen to spot him in your festive adventures, we'd love to hear about it! It's a quirky way for us to connect with clients and friends who appreciate a good dose of creativity and humour. Get in touch if you cross paths with our friendly ghost, and let the laughter and joy of the season prevail!

Wishing you all Festive Cheer & Happy New Year!

Tag us on socials and don't forget to use the #ChapelFriends if Wesley makes an apprearance with you!

ps. Wesley's name was inspired by the beautiful Wesleyan Chapel our studio is based in..we'll we couldn't forget to mention that could we?


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